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A Fragrant and Soothing Bollock Balm for Men


The men's grooming industry is booming, and why not, doesn't every man want to look, feel and smell as good as they can? Despite its light- hearted name, Fresh Bollocks is a serious product that has been in development and testing for the past four years. Fresh Bollocks really works, and is aimed at the type of man who cares about their personal hygiene and grooming routine.

This particular area of men's grooming has been sadly neglected in the past, even though it's vital that intimate areas are always in pristine condition. Our product will give you the confidence of knowing you are always fresh in the general bollock area (GBA) and give reassurance to any user who may have insecurities in this department.

Fresh Bollocks has been developed specifically to provide a silky-smooth, easy to use balm with a fresh, clean fragrance that will enhance any man's confidence. Many of our customers tell us they use Fresh Bollocks as an all over body moisturiser after a shower, a workout or after a long day at work. Its light, non-greasy and absorbs quickly without leaving any residue; leaving skin soft, refreshed and lightly scented.

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Guillermo, Los Angeles

My girlfriend got me this from the UK. Great to use all over after a workout. Light, not sticky, scent not overpowering.

Kevin, London

Just wonderful. The greatest invention since sliced bread.

Peter, Hathersage
James, Nottingham, UK

Great Smell, easy to use. Just what I've been looking for.

George, Nottingham, UK

It really is an absolute joy to use!

Mark, Oxford

Great value, great product

Linda, Winchester

Bought this for all my boys to use: I can report that there is far less scratching going on!! Thank you!!

I love using this, it does exactly what it says on the tube, and no mess!

Johan, California

I don't have a  problem...I just like using it, sometimes twice a day!!!

Alex, Edinburgh

Great stuff for under my kilt!

This product is great, smells so good I use it all over after a shower!

Lenny, Manchester, UK

Wife said I should use it, and she's always right.

Rob, Orpington, UK

Nice to have a body product that's just for us guys!

Pete, Sheffield, UK

Dan, Canada

I've tried other stuff, but this is far better, the fragrance is great.

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